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My audio and/or video aren't working

My audio and/or video aren't working

Our recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Safari is not currently supported.

Check that your device(s) are properly installed

Ensure that your mic and/or webcam are:
Plugged in or paired via Bluetooth
Powered on
Installed properly and running the most up-to-date drivers

Check you have the correct device(s) selected

How do I change audio & video settings?

Check that your Odyssey tab is not muted

Many browsers allow a user to mute/unmute tabs. Right click on the Odyssey tab to ensure that your tab is in an unmuted state.

Check your browser permissions

Odyssey needs permission from your browser to access your audio and video device(s).

To update browser permissions
Click on the lock icon in your browser's address bar
Verify that both camera and microphone access are enabled
To apply changes, you will need to reload the page

Chrome: Granting camera and microphone access
Firefox: Managing your camera and microphone permissions
Microsoft Edge: How to allow a website to use your camera or microphone

Check if your mic/webcam are in use by another application

If your microphone and/or camera are being used by another application or website—such as Zoom or Google Meet—the device(s) may not work properly in Odyssey.

Close any applications or browser tabs that are using your mic and/or webcam
Refresh your Odyssey tab

Manually restart your Odyssey session

Copy your Odyssey URL from your browser's address bar
Open a new tab
Paste your Odyssey URL into the address bar and press enter
Close any other Odyssey tabs you may have open

Updated on: 10/01/2023