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I'm stuck on the "Loading environment" page

Stuck at "Loading environment"

In some instances, the Odyssey client may disconnect from our servers and be unable to reconnect automatically.

Refresh your tab
Click the Refresh icon in your browser
Click the Arrow Button to rejoin the 3D space
Wait ±30 seconds for Odyssey to finish loading the 3D experience

If refreshing the tab does not fix the issue, you will need to open Odyssey in a new tab (to manually restart the connection to the server).

Open Odyssey in a new tab
Copy the link Odyssey space from your browser's address bar
Open a new tab in your browser
Paste the Odyssey link and press Enter
Click the arrow button to rejoin the 3D space
Close any other Odyssey tabs you have open

If the issue persists, please contact Odyssey support.

Updated on: 31/10/2022